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Still Life (Betamale), Jon Rafman + Oneohtrix Point Never, 2013 from jonrafman on Vimeo

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Hyper-creative Saturday space inpiration…!
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Masquerade by fxnc on Flickr.
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The nail in the ampersand
How’s this for an opulent piece of typographic art. I’ll admit that I can’t quite decipher the meaning of it, the semiotics are a little over my head.
Any suggestions?

New York’s political magazine The New Republic approached me to design a trademark ampersand for them. I accepted and created this mighty marble-and-gold rendition of a snake nailed to a sinking skull, coiling into the “Amperxandt” form. A lot of symbolism going on here.



Fans before The Clash gig in Stockholm. 

Remember it`s 1977 and… "The Pins Don`t Hurt"!

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Schloß Augustusburg, Brühl, Germany.
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pink ALIEN glitter heart brooches xo

Take me to your leader! These cute lil alien buddies will keep you company on any of your future space adventures! xo

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You can not tell me they don’t exist because I believe 👽

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who is you fav ?
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♡ Gumdrops and Acid ♡
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